The Blessings of Missionary Failures: A Portrait of Indigenous Peoples’ Experiences of Education Delivery in Northern Luzon



Faith-based educational institutions have been instrumental in raising the literacy levels of Filipinos in rural areas of the country in the aftermath of Spanish colonization. International religious congregations ushered locals, particularly the indigenous populations, to growth and development by establishing many academies and universities near or at the very heart of their cultural communities. This article looks into the educational experiences of three indigenous individuals under Catholic (CICM) schools in Northern Luzon and presents their narratives in light of their own understandings of local development, social impact, and sustainability. Based on their experiences, has CICM educational service upheld the dignity of their indigenous cultural identity or has it brought about cultural alienation for them? The study uses phenomenological portraiture as its methodology to make emerge the indigenous voices that can articulate a new story and understanding of human development, and surface indigenous perspectives toward an emancipatory education in accord with IP hopes for their optimal participation in authentic and realistic nation-building.

Keywords: Indigenization, Dignity, Self-Determination, Development Education, Indigenous Peoples

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